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23rd March Greeting Card Universe

Greeting cards and art..... me and fellow amazing artists.
Please be patient and bear with me even with a spellchecker my grammar and spelling are awful due to my dyslexia, so yes there will be mistakes, but worth a look and a read I hope.

I have found that there is now a morph and a need for more art and designer greeting’s cards and more and more people are getting disgruntled at the pastels of some of the big names, and more and more customers are now using the internet, usually Greetings Card Universe and or Zazzle, with a smaller following for Redbubble cards.

And it has opened up a whole world of beautiful images from many talented, artists, designers and photographers, the diversity of these cards is staggering, even the 3d rendered cards each artist has a total approach to them and even using the same model they come up with totally different images, which is wonderful.
I am not quite sure where I fit in as I am a little bit off the wall, but I do try to be as diverse as I can, my favourite being 3d, and at the moment one particular model, and I try not to use the 3d models others are fond of, inevitably this is going to change as tastes and colours change.

I can draw but I am so self critical that most of my creations are ripped, I think my problem is the design part, since the age of 19 I am now 45 I have been a graphic designer, and that switchover is very difficult for me, so if my leaf does not resemble 100% leaf then I am not happy, but I am trying to get to grips with this and be more relaxed, so watch this space some of my watercolours and pencil drawings might wing their way past the bin and onto my pages.
Greetings Card Universe
http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com has a marvellous selection of every type of card you can imagine, from something as you would usually find, birthday, anniversary, wedding invitations so on, they also have alternative cards for first period, specific illnesses, Cancer awareness and encouragement cards anything and everything can be found at GCU and it is only cards so you are not getting blindsided by t-shirt and mugs, saying that zazzle has it’s huge merits in all sections and both stand out from the crowd, the other alternative for exquisite art is Redbubble the things on there make me unashamedly envious of the talent, I do sell there but mostly art as opposed to Greeting Cards.

Let’s have a bit of fun and meander gently around some of GCU’s talent, these will be my favourite artists at the time of the blog, of course there are thousands and thousands but personally for me these are the ones I would desire for myself, I will include my own of course, what’s the point of a blog if you can’t shamelessly show off your own stuff, even if it is not to everyone’s taste *laughs* so here we go:

Lets start with the lovely Joan not only a creator of beutiful cards but a superb musician as you can see from her card store. MissPrinteditions

Well worth checking out her other lovely peaces of work.

Now we have....D B Visual Arts.. beutifuly done cards.

Beutiful and well worth a visit as are all artists on GCU

Now to Salon Of Art Greetings

Ahh wonderful, I could go on and on for ever with some of these artists cards, they really are good and each one is created from the heart.

Pam Arts huge versatile range of cards again and always worth a visit.

Into the magic of Fairy Girl Cards

Wow almost could not stop there *laughs* amazing card store, way to many beutiful images for my blog unfortinately.

We could not leave out all the doggy people and Paw Printz sure now how to creat beutiful cards.

Well better do me :) and hopefully more room for more wonderful artists, although I will be updating the blog a lot as there are far far to many to choose from all at once, please check back weekly for my top faves.

Moonlake Designs

Ok that's it for this week :( but while you are at Greeting Card Universe why not check out a few more artists......

Of course there is the lovely Tom Rent with his great humour and extremely popular selection of cards, Corrie she needs not introduction amazing art always, Lisa like myself with her wonderful 3d art cards we almost just almost clash :) but we are so different like I said above our images never look the same even though sometimes we colide with our models.

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