Monday, 11 May 2009

Me Me Me

I guess most people want to know who and what is behind the screen; this will be difficult I am not sure I know myself :) but I will try to expand what I wrote above.

I am 43 and Dyslexic, this has never held me back with art, but it has made it difficult for the typed or written word, basically I stopped writing and typing, it depressed me and people made fun and I would cry, so I withdrew from making a fool out of myself, now I am older I think Pfft don't read it then :) and I get help with my cards from Greeting Card Universe, they check the spelling, thank god :)

I have not worked for many years, I suffer from a few mental issues :) but I try to pour things into my work rather than dwelling and vegetating, which is so easy to do, the only down side I am extremely touchy when ignored :) If I talk to someone I sort of like an answer good or bad, it’s just to show I am alive and people notice, ohm dear I sound crazy now :)

I hope you enjoy my art weather (whether?) it's for purchasing or for just looking at on the net, both are fine for me, I hope it lift's people and makes them smile, or an occasional awwwww.

I shall place a few new cards that are currently available on and feel free to nip in and check them out, I am not pushing for purchases, I truly like making art for people to look at.


Hello and welcome to my little bit of the net, here I will bring you updates and let you see the new designs as I creat them.

I am mostly a 3d artist but ejoy playing with other programs such as photoshop, Illustrator and anything that I can get my hands on when the hubby's pockets are full.

I am 43 years old young ish old :) and live in beautiful Northumberland by the sea (UK) originally I came from a little village in Wales called Ystalyfera, but these last 9 years
my hubby and myself have enjoyed being up North, even though it's cold :)

I adore bold bold bright colours, and my art seems to lean that way, not to everyone's taste but
I enjoy what I do, Hopefully people will see that I put a lot of love and thaught into even the simplest of items.
Huge Hugs