Monday, 11 May 2009


Hello and welcome to my little bit of the net, here I will bring you updates and let you see the new designs as I creat them.

I am mostly a 3d artist but ejoy playing with other programs such as photoshop, Illustrator and anything that I can get my hands on when the hubby's pockets are full.

I am 43 years old young ish old :) and live in beautiful Northumberland by the sea (UK) originally I came from a little village in Wales called Ystalyfera, but these last 9 years
my hubby and myself have enjoyed being up North, even though it's cold :)

I adore bold bold bright colours, and my art seems to lean that way, not to everyone's taste but
I enjoy what I do, Hopefully people will see that I put a lot of love and thaught into even the simplest of items.
Huge Hugs

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  1. Moonie, you're a brave and enterprising one for starting a blog. Though I've no personal experience with it, by all accounts it's the thing to do for increased exposure -so I hope that proves true in your case. I think that your valiant efforts will be rewarded. Meanwhile, your sincerity is very moving and your story extremely interesting. Rest assured that the emotion and thought you put into your work do come through. Wishing you the very best in all facets of your life plus a hug from

    Joan (GCU)